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Way to speak up, jl.

I use "reasonably priced" aftermarket AC cords on just about all of my gear, mainly because I'm a tweaker by nature and the stock cords were unimpressive in terms of build quality and far more open to RFI/EMI than the shielded aftermarket versions.

In only two cases did I honestly detect anything that could be considered a sonic improvement, one more subtle than the other. However in no case did I encounter any degredation in sound quality, so in the beefy beasts will stay. But everything in the two channel system is plugged directly into the wall; in this case dedicated outlets. No power conditioning units need apply.

I DO use "mid fi" (Monster and Adcom) power conditoning on the home theater equipment (1) to protect very expensive, very complex gear from surges and dips and (2) I think it helps both sound and video. I figure that's because all those boxes, all those interconnects plus six runs of 'speaker cable need all the isolation they can get from one another. And even though this is a seperate, dedicated AC run as well, ain't no way I'm pluging a plasma screen directly into an unprotected outlet.

I admire your chipping in your opinion, especially because you're relating your experience as opposed to merely taking a poke at what so many decry as snake oil without ever having tried a sip.

Have fun


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