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Re: Yes, but

I'm not interested in attacking anyone. What I am interested in attacking is the notion that rap requires no talent--when it's passed off as fact. If that's yr opinion, that's yr opinion. I might choose to argue otherwise, but I realize I'm probably not going to change yr opinion. When you insist that rap requires no talent & put it out there boldly as though you were proclaiming that the sky is blue, then I have a problem with it. I disagree with you that Miles was a sellout--how exactly did he sell out?--but that's not something that can be proven one way or the other. Sure am scratching my head about that one, though, since it's something I've never heard before, and since his body of work represents so many pioneering stylistic experiments and changes in direction, none of which, apparently, were done to cash in on anything in particular. But that's okay, you go on believing that. If you'd be so kind, perhaps you could tell me which of Miles' albums is an example of a 'sellout,' and why. I don't expect I'll be seeing 'Sketches Of Spain' on that list, but you never know. Perhaps you'll surprise me.

Don't know if you've seen the posts above between fretless & myself, but I'm going to put to you a question that to this point he has not responded to. Since his contention is that rap is 'not music,' I asked him to tell me if he thinks albums by Ken Nordine, Gil-Scott Heron, and Linton Kwesi Johnson are music. If they're not, then it looks like there's a slippery slope here where there's an awful lot that could be considered 'not music.' If they are, then I'm quite curious to know how they could be considered music while rap isn't. So tell me, if you'd be so kind: do you think that what Nordine, Heron, & Johnson did was something that required 'no talent,' and if so, how do you come up with that conclusion? If you don't think that, then I'm eager to know why you'd say they are talented while rappers are not.

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