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Re: Yes, but

Rap requires rhythmic talent. If that's not musical talent to you, then percussionists & drummers are going to take issue with that, I believe. Meanwhile, YOU try doing what DJs & producers do with turntables & samples & then tell me it takes no talent. Where do you dream this stuff up? Is a turntable a musical instrument? No, and neither is a sequencer or an engineering board. But they are all tools by which music can be created. Not the same as instruments, but certainly & absolutely in the same ballpark. Just because you restrict yr view on the matter to traditional musical instruments only doesn't make it so. Boy, am I glad I don't have to live in yr world.

>Outstanding jazz artists that sell out is nothing new.

So they're all sellouts, and Miles Davis & Quincy Jones as well? Very interesting. Even Ella Fitzgerald appeared on Jones' album. Was she a sellout, too?

>I'm sure they're NOT interested in my assessment just as they weren't in the 1970's when they jumped on the disco/funk bandwagon.

Ah, but they're the ones with the 'musical training' you seem to feel is so important--the sort that the rappers don't have. Wouldn't it be great if they'd had to live their musical lives according to yr rules? The world would've been a much better place without 'Rockit,' to be sure. And all of that disco/funk stuff. And rap.

>puh-leeeeeeze don't compare that crap to the stuff they did in the 1960's

Where exactly did I do that?

>talent, dedication, study, numerous gigs, practice, musical training.

Yeah, anybody can just jump on a stage & do what they do. Looks real simple. No dedication, study, practice, or musical training whatsoever. Hey, if you know so much about it, why don't YOU do it? You could make millions of dollars, and it takes no talent! Hey! What an idea!

Plenty of rappers actually know how to play instruments and/or sing well, too. I say you wouldn't know what talent means if it bit you in yr colon.

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