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Re: Agree, If the manufacturers don't know how to set up their own system...

I have worked at a number of shows over many years. We were always able to achieve very good sound and without room treatments.

Never the less, I still think it is invalid to draw conclusions from the sound at a show. If you hear good sound, that's a good sign. Will it sound like that in your home? It should sound much better if you know how to set up a system.

What about when it sounds bad? Unfortunately then you just don't know. Why did it sound bad? Was it becuase there were 20 other rooms with high power amps all sucking the line voltage down to 100 volts? That's a 20% drop in voltage and can definitely cause problems such as regulators no longer able to maintain their voltages. At this show, I heard problem in the Tenor/Pipedreams room with woofers on Thursday. Was it the Plinius amp driving woofers? No...it turned out that with the 2 ohm load of the double woofers and the line voltage dropping, The Plinius couldn't maintain regulation at moderately high levels or higher. They fixed the problem but was it because the Plinius is a bas amplifier? No...it was actually because it is a good amplifier but the power provided to it is crappy.

Also, in these hotels, the walls are far more flimsy than in your home. I have stood in rooms and touched the wall and it buzzed like crazy. I remember one time at the Chicago CES the car audio demo across the highway at the convention center was so loud the windows buzzed loudly.

So...I must disagree. The purpose of these shows is to let you see some of what these manufacturers have been working on. The CES esecially is place for manufacturers to connect with dealers who are their customers. The dealers are looking for equipment that they feel will fit the needs of their customers.


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