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Blue Circle Audio mr 800 & mr 1200 Power Conditioner/Surge Protector

I don’t normally post on AA as I think I am too inarticulate, although I enjoy reading the discussions and reviews here. However, thought I should add my two cents worth to the subject of Gilbert Yeung’s Music Ring balanced power conditioners. Like Jeff Kay and Bob Neill, I took home two MR1200s and one MR800 to test, and ended buying them from Gilbert because of their remarkable effect on my Blue Circle/Von Schweikert system (see link below).

I had thought that for a modest system, I had finally got it as best I could (for the money I was willing to invest) in terms of palpability, imaging and lifelike impact, with my upgrade in the last year to the Von Schweikert VR4-5/7 Mods and the additions of the VRS-3 Sub and the Sony XA-777ES SACD Player to augment the sonic foundations provided by my Blue Circle BC21 and BC2 system. I had always thought that my power should be pretty free from noise, my home being in a rural setting with a single transformer serving just my house. Seems I was quite wrong -- the Music Rings had a large positive effect on my system well beyond what I had thought was possible.

After hooking in all my components into the Music Rings as Gilbert advised, everything immediately sounded much clearer and tighter, and yet smoother at the same time. Even my non-audiophile thirteen year old daughter popped by the living room to enquire what I had done to the system to make it sound so much more lifelike. The bass, which with the fast twin transmission-line-loaded 9” woofers of the VR4-5/7 Mods and the VRS3 subs had always been powerful and articulate before, now acquired a truly ferocious, yet tighter and more defined attack, that explodes into the proceedings in a way that gave me goose bumps to listen to when strong bass material was there, for example, on the starting track of the soundtrack to Princess Mononoke, or the Bianzhong gongs opening Tan Dun’s Symphony 1997, and the various crescendos in his Crouching Tiger soundtrack. Mid-range and treble became more crystalline and pure, with each instrument and voice becoming more distinct and clear in a deeper and more palpable soundstage, yet one that is smoother. This was true even on older recordings, for example, the guitars and voices of the Everly Brothers from their Reunion Concert (1984 issued 1990 by Mercury) CD sounded like they were right there singing in front of us in the vibrant ambience of a large concert venue.

The end result of all this remarkable improvement in my system from the Music Ring additions was that I ended up playing music long into the night for weeks afterwards (and still doing it) to rediscover the music in my collection in the light of the amazing transformations wrought by the Music Rings. I have since also tried out one of the MR1200s in my bedroom projection TV and AV system, and seen similar relative gains there as well as in the clarity of my TV picture, and intend getting one more MR1200 from Gilbert for this purpose.

All in all, a wonderful set of new products from Blue Circle and Gilbert’s inventive mind, and reflecting his usual value-for-money execution, that needs to be heard to be believed.

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