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Re: I just wonder what difference dsd versus pcm makes in the improvement


I think that DSD, because of its much higher sampling rate, makes for a pretty big difference. I'm the furthest thing from a techie, so others may be able to explain it much better than I. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in an above thread, I haven't found a suitable cloth replacement for the Shine Ola cloth. I tried a Scotch Brite microfiber cloth, but it scratched the hell out of the discs I tried it on. Fortunately, they were CD-Rs, which were easily replaced. The closest thing to the SO cloth is Viva paper towels. They do an excellent job, provided you use them with a reasonably light touch. BTW, are you using a combination of both the AudioTop and ClearBit/ClearDisc--two applications of each to each side? That seems like a helluva lot of work. I'd be curious in your opinions of the L'Art du Son if or when you try it.

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