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Time Out

You guys remind me of myself a couple years ago. Yes, I heard "huge" differences that cables, power cords make, got excited, and kept getting more and more cables, cords.

After much $$$ and anguish, I've come to a couple of conclusions

1) A great power cord can NOT elevate an average component/system to true greatness.

2) Very often, a cable or cord that is very obviously "beautiful, pretty" or "exciting, " etc, etc turn out to be very colored.

3) One cannot accurately assess cables' colorations without a true "bypass" to compare the cord to. In the case of interconnects, this might be interconnect vs. direct component:component hookup via RCA adapters. With power cords, I use a battery-powered power source with and without the power cord in question to the wall.

4) There's no "best," and there is no truly "neutral" cable, power cord no matter the price. Some come close, some even closer, but it really is a matter of finding a mix of cables whose colorations complement the colorations of your components/speakers/room.

5) I know when one hears the big difference cables make, it's easy to think "cables are just as important (maybe more) as components/speakers," but they really are supporting characters only. Before putting down $$$$$ on power cords, please look at where that money may be better spent on components, etc first.

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