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A question for those who post their reviews on cables/wires.

I have been reading some of cable and wire reviews that have been posted, and here are some excerpts:

"Everything opened up and cleared up..The bass tightened up and also went deeper. I can hear things on recordings that I have never heard before, such as certain cymbals and moroccas on Patricia Barber's Verse. Allison Krause appears before you".


"Dark background, minute details in decay were much more present, delivering a 3D sensation. Detail and "air" around instruments is much cleaner and more discernable. Vocals are spooky real. I feel like I could touch Bjork if I reached out my hand.

Just to give you some examples :)

Now the question is: Given that such a low tech piece of wire or cable that is passive could have such an effect on a system, then what kind of effect would we get if replace component that are not passive and complicated (high tech) such as speakers, amps or the CD player? Would we get ten or 100 times the effect cable had on a system?

If you agree that cables have such a huge effect on system, then you must also agree that changing component would have exponential (power of 10) effect (you can't have it both way :) So why bother with baby steps (by changing cables) when you can take a giant leap forward by exchanging your audio components instead of cables. Why limit yourself! :)

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