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REVIEW: DIY2 by Chris VenHaus Cat5 Speaker Cable Cable

Ok, I have to add my .02 cents worth. I've been seeing the posts for this cable, I've gone to Chris' site to see how they look and are built and I've costed out the cable at home depot. I finally jumped in and built them last weekend. They took quite a long time and my fingers were sore. Before this cable I had heavy guage speaker wire in place in long runs because that was how my modest mid fi system was set up. When I put my newly built cables in I was prepared for a higher upper end and maybe some more detail in sibilants like Cymbals. Instead I was blown completely away!! My Monitor Audios came to life as if they were different speakers! It is insane how much of an improvement this has made. I listen to every kind of music and I go to live concerts of every style as well. These cables handled all of it so sweetly. Where previously my speakers "honked" and were louder in the midrange (I thought they sounded fine though in my new place not as good. I put it to the room.) making it hard to listen to some music these cables are sweet over the full range and open up tones horizontally. That "veil" lifted a bit. Where these cables excel in my system though is in details. Isolated instruments were isolated and sat on a stage or in a room. I'm able to optimise positioning of my speakers and I crave soundstage and prescence as well as sound. Now my speakers are one step closer to that quality now. As an example, One of my favourite albums to listen to and test my system on is Jennifer Warnes' "Famous Blue Raincoat" The 4th track is "Joan of arc" I love the quiet tinkling that starts and then the sweet opening slide of Stevie Ray Vaughn. I always wondered why it drifted to the left as the other instruments kick in. Now I know why. These cables showed me there are two distinct guitar parts, similar in playing but very distinctly seperate, one in the centre another a bit back and to the left. The centre solo stops once the song begins. And don't ask me about the beauty of Jennifer's voice in counterpart to Leonard's husky calm. I'm going back to my Allman brother's albums and my personal god, John Coltrane top revisit. Now that the cables are burned in they are smoother again and they hold decay better. I can only say if you are starting to tweak your system and you have ordinary speaker cables this is EXACTLY where to start.

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