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You missed the point...

Yeah, I'll agree that Jon contributes a lot to the Asylum, but that means he can never be wrong? If he is no longer a moderator, he can still post, so what are you trying to say? Steve is not saying to ban Jon or anything like that.

"We all, at times, do things that others do not agree with. We all make mistakes or do things that others perceive as mistakes. (Please note here that I am not making a direct comment on my opinions of Jon's response(s)). That does not however, mean we should immediately lynch them or call for a resignation."

Immediately? Hmmm, if I'm not mistaken, Steve has posted numerous posts about things like this. I think Steve has gotten fed up with the lack of response to his previous posts and felt the need to post this in order to get his point across.

"Frankly you should be feeling rather ridiculous right now for posting such an absurd attack on Jon. If you were to poll the inmates, I think you would find that he is well respected."

Oh, so what the majority says means everything? Just because he is respected means he cannot make a wrong? I think we all need to sit back and see our biases, and then try to look around those and see the real situation.


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