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REVIEW: DIY by Chris VenHaus Cat5 Speaker Cable Cable

I have been interested in "high end" cables for a long time, not one to spend big bucks on an unknown, and very much a "do it myselfer" I ordered 250' of CAT FIVE and started braiding. After several hours of work and not even 1/4 completed, I started to wonder if this was some kind of joke and was I a gullible dufus reeled in by someone at Radio Shack. I kept at it, thinking oh well, they'll look cool! My loving wife helped finish our set of 12' speaker cables and we sat down for a before/after with a track we have heard a hundred times (Stevie Ray Vaughan's Riviera Paradise). We promised each other we would be objective, and not convince ourselves it was better just because we had just spent approx. 20 hours of braiding. We didn't have to wait long . . . it was obvious in the first opening notes that a clear improvement could be heard (from 16ga Monster Cable,) we both looked at each other with amazed faces. Now as we listen to our collection of music, we still look at each other and marvel everytime we hear a note we haven't heard before . . . awesome . . .

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