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REVIEW: LessLoss Power Cable Cable

Model: Power Cable
Category: Cable
Suggested Retail Price: $ ~400.00
Description: Power Cable (one model)
Manufacturer URL: LessLoss
Manufacturer URL: LessLoss

Review by Drugum (A) on October 23, 2006 at 10:20:16
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for the Power Cable

I have done business with LessLoss for about two years, and have thus far purchased two of their DACs and two complete sets of their interconnect. I couldn't be more satisfied! I am a 52-year-old rabid audiophile with two systems, bedroom and study. My primary objective in audio, by far, is performance. The upstairs system consists of Rega Planet II slaved and reclocked to the LessLoss DAC, Rowland Synergy IIi preamp, and ATC Active 50 speakers. Power distribution is via a Nordost Thor. The downstairs (bedroom) system consists of the same frontend to a Rowland Concerto preamp out to ATC Active 20 Towers. Power distribution is via a
Balanced Power Technology Clean Power Center with all the upgrades except transformer (wonderful!). The AC outlets are Oyaide 079's (gold/gold) with surrounding stainless steel plate.

The guys, Liudas and Vilmantas (Vil), at LessLoss are very knowledgeable, skilled, audiophile perfectionists with a background in the recording studio who seek to provide maximum performance for the dollar. They are extremely pleasant to deal with. Because of the stupendous success I've had with them as far as their DAC and interconnect, I decided to go ahead and take them up on their offer to make power cables for me. I have tried many different cables, and had settled on the Nordost Brahmas. These are fantastic power cables with excellent detail, transient attack, open soundstage, and wonderful performance across the frequency spectrum. They also suppress noise interference very effectively. Their construction is very complex, yet light and flexible. In no way did I expect LessLoss to beat them, but based on their past performance, I thought I'd give them a try.

After experimenting with several connectors, they decided that the Oyaide cryo'd gold/gold (079) were the most accurate (least jitter) and analog-sounding. So, what I received after much experimentation were five power cables, each consisting of three black braided 4.5mm strands attached to the Oyaide cryo'd gold/gold male and IEC connectors. They are very good-looking cables, extremely durable, and are very light and flexible (!). There was no problem whatsoever hooking them up to my equipment, and they didn't tip anything over. I attached the power cables to the Balanced Power Technology Clean Power Center, both speakers, preamp, and Rega II. (The DAC is battery-powered during play mode.) Liudas informed me that I could attach the cords directly to the wall outlets and skip the power conditioner since the cords have power-conditioning properties built right in, but I did't have enough AC outlets in the immediate area. Everything was connected to the Balanced Power CPC. I hit the "play" button and--Wow!! Once more the guys at LessLoss, somehow, did it again! The cords had all the qualities of the Nordost Brahma mentioned above, except now there was considerably greater impact and vividness to the notes, with a wider dynamic range. The best word I can think of to descibe it is "exhilarating". Not only is their now sharp transient attack with awesome detail and three-dimensionality and soundstaging, but also a very life-like exhilaration. The Shostakovich Symphonies 5 & 9 by Gergiev were just mind-blowing, and the piano in Fred Hersch's "In Amsterdam: Live at the Bimhuis" was absolutely life-like. As far as voice, you're right there in the club with Patricia Barber. VERY life-like!!

If there was a Nobel for audio equipment (there should be!!), Liudas and Vilmantas should get it.

Product Weakness: The Atlantic and the Euro. MINOR--all LessLoss products are well worth it!
Product Strengths: Unbeatable power cable? Certainly unbeatable value! An ergonomic delight. Very good-looking too!

Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier: (ATC active speakers)
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Rowland Concerto
Sources (CDP/Turntable): LessLoss DAC w/Rega II
Speakers: ATC Active 20 Towers
Cables/Interconnects: LessLoss
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Classical & Jazz
Room Size (LxWxH): x x y x z
Room Comments/Treatments: none
Time Period/Length of Audition: One week
Other (Power Conditioner etc.): BPT
Type of Audition/Review: Product Owner
Your System (if other than home audition): (see previous reviews for room dimensions.)

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