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addendum: A very poor choice of words on my part...

An apology to the forum:

For the record... I believe I was too critical when I claimed that the Flavor power cords have a "reputation" other than excellent, and that they "lack" refinement, delicacy, or finesse when terminated with Economy Wattgate's rather than a set of Audio Grade AC connectors, as by any measure the Flavor power cords are superb and worthy of praise regardless of an AC connector option. I think I've just become so "into" the use of Audio Grade AC connectors that my POV has become a bit eccentric... so, I'm very sorry if I offended anyone, and will try to keep still in AA about my "AC connector crazy" opines... :-)

While I still highly recommend that folk's choose an Audio Grade AC connector option for a Flavor power cord project, the Economy Wattgate's do a very fine job, indeed!

Sorry, again...

Regards, Duster

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