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A few more musings

Just a few more thoughts and comparisons to the Bob Crump DIY power cords......
First up - the F2 PCs won't be for people who want cables that cover up system problems or anomolies. In this respect the Crumps would be more forgiving, by comparison they exhibit a somewhat more veiled less direct sound - (Note: I thought the Crumps sounded terrific in isolation).
The F2s sound very transparent and direct to me - everything sounds fresher and less colored than with the Crump cords. Recordings sound more different to each other, more natural, more realistic. Interestingly, I had similar impressions of Chris VH's' DIY silver interconnects when I inserted them in my system some years ago. It's worth noting that my amps are now totally wired with Chris' designs ie all interconnects as well as F2 power cords. Possible synergy?
The F2s perpectives are similar to the Crumps, but with more apparent depth due to greater transparency. Perhaps the F2s seem slightly more forward, though I think this impression is due to the greater transparency - like I said, the stage is deeper and more defined, so it's not like things have been pushed forward.
As I said in my initial report, bass is significantly tauter with more impact (but not quantity).
I wouldn't say there was a huge difference in dynamics between the two designs - the Crumps were very good IMO, the F2s probably edge ahead because their tranparency gives more range at the quiet end and the bass tautness and overall clarity punctuates transient impact.

I'm loving how these things make my system sound!

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