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re: DIY Flavor 2...

Hi Paul,

Excellent decision and happy listening :-). I think you will find after many hours of burn-in time that the cable's presentation will improve even more. I'm glad Chris is now offering the FI-11 line of Furutech AC connectors as an option since they are a fine choice for use on the Flavor power cords, IME. Other than the usual caveat of component/system dependancy, I believe the Flavor power cord's reputation of a lack of delicacy/finesse is primarily based on builds that are terminated with entry level Economy Wattgate AC connectors (or other non-Audio Grade AC connectors) rather than a "flawed" characteristic of the raw cable. While the Flavor power cords do have a bold sonic signature; this factor is intensified when non-Audio Grade AC connectors are involved, IMHO. I've terminated Flavor 2, 3, & 4 power cords with a number of different AC connectors and can report that Audio Grade AC connectors provide remarkably improved listening cues across the board. A high performance power cable needs to be terminated with high performance AC connectors in order to really deliver the goods, IME ;-)

Cheers, Duster

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