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Re: VH Audio Chela speaker cable

I have Chela on my Spendor SP100's as well. Ahh yes, SP100 jumpers. I currently have the VH Audio cryoed 12 gauge copper wire as jumpers which is a definte step up from the gold stock Spendor jumpers and after thinking about all my options I will definitely be making chela jumpers.

I will simply be separating the two different strands of chela out into smaller lengths so they are not braided together, stripping and putting Furutech spades on, although the Oyaide spades may be better as they privide a better connection to the SP100 jumpers (which prefer 1/4" spades).

I have tried different combinations of jumpers on on the SP100's in my system the differences are definitely noticeable. Not only that, there is a sound difference depending on which set of terminals the main cable is attached to as well. Which ever driver has the main cable attached gets an emphasis over the other (jumpered) drivers (!). Note also that the top jumper pair is for mid-range, the middle is the tweeter. Furthermore I find the the default configuration of jumpers: bottom pair jumpered to middle pair jumpered to top pair is not optimal. The optimal for my ears is main cable attached to bass terminals first, with a jumper pair from bass terminals to top terminals, and another jumper pair from bass terminals to centre terminals. That is the jumpers are in parallel from the bass terminals to the other terminals (not in series). It shouldnt make a difference, but I have found it does.

BTW I have also been thinking about bi-wiring the Sp100s with another set of chela, but I am not convinced of the merit. Many people bi-wire with different types of cables to conceptually optimise the flavor to each driver set, but beware that different cable types can introduce phase shifts to the different drivers.

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