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Re: Nordost Blue Heaven/Kimber Hero inter. + solid state gear =

How good are Nordost Valhalla speaker cables considered to be in the grand scheme of things? The reason I am wondering is because I took some early-generation samples of my homemade speaker cables to CES 2006 and Lars Kristensen very generously did a comparison. Mine were obviously superior---in all the parameters that I could perceive in the thirty seconds or so that Lars played music through mine. Lars said that sure, mine did this better and that better, but he thought the Valhallas had more "musicality," or something. I didn't think so but of course I kept my mouth shut because Lars was wonderful to have the balls to do a "shoot-out" with me because no one else would. The very first thing that jumped out was how far wider the soundstage opened up, plus I was pretty sure I heard more articulation---no surprise to me considering how my cables are made. Lars (and one other visitor in the room) thought his interconnects were better than mine. Of course by now (late March 2006)I have made interconnects vastly superior to the crude early-generation interconnects I took to Vegas. Ditto with my speaker cables, for certain!) No other cable exhibitor at Vegas would give me the time of day---or as Lars put it, I had the second best cables at the show---after Nordost. He told me if other cable manufacturers would have the guts to compare my cables "they would have very long faces." That Saturday night an exhibitor locked the door and we replaced his (loaned) Vahalla speaker cables and interconnects and played mine through his tube amps and the big Maggies. World of improvement. So I am wondering and wondering and wondering how Vallhallas are ranked. After all, HP says they're they best, for whatever that's worth. I will not discuss my cables on this forum beyond what I have said here because I hope they are destined to become a commercial product. Nor am I in any hurry to disclose how they work. That will come out in time through the grapevine, or through a search of the USPTO published patent aplication but it won't come from me. I am 68-year-old hi-fi hobbiest. I did build a Goertz-like ribbon cable and took it to CES in 1985 or '86 and showed it around. A few years later Goertz got the patent on that one.

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