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Just Ordered a Full set and Speakers too!

Funny how just one new purchase can get you back on the audio train. I wasn't even listening to much stereo lately- I have been into DLP projectors and Mac G5's.

After years of reading about it, I picked up the PS AUdio P500 powerplant recently as a B-stock. So amazing - It really got me back into 2 channel. I even ordered the GCC100 control amp and found it to possess a new level of transparency over a spectral amp/pre with a Tech Labs Volume control.

Anyway I decided why stop there. I read an ad for Cerious on A'gone,and being such a sucker for new Technology, (and wanting an upgrade from some Mogami speaker cables)
I read some of the reviews here of cerious cables.

Well thanks to you all (some of which have posted in this thread) I have ordered a set of Cerious Speaker Cables, a pair of XLR;s and an Unbalanced interconnect.

But wait- theres more- beaing the easiest customer to upsell (actullu do it to myself) I decided to order a pair of Cerious two monitors and a single Cerious powered bass.

Bob Grost (seems a great guy) said even one Bass unit will be okay (I am very space limited and in a small Manhattan apartment).

So in the next 6-8 weeks (I hope) I'll be running a full Cerious system.

I'll certainly post back my findings. I'll have the cables before the speakers- so I'll post on just the cables with my GCC100 and already excellent Source Technologies 610.

I think this will be a cutting edge full analog system. Next upgrade I'm sure I'll be using digital amps or speakers- so I consider this system to be analogs last hurrah. (of course I use digital sources as well)

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