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Re: RE: CU PIO Reliability Issues

Dear Gilbert,

Firstly, if you have experienced this on a lot of our caps you should have sent some back for analysis, I don't remember seeing any from you.

Secondly, these caps only leak oil when the internal seal is broken, this can happen for two reasons,

1.) If the cap is subjected to excessive heat, the oil expands more than the copper case, breaks the seal and the oil starts leaking out.

We stopped using a "hard" seal on the bigger caps about 2 years ago when it became obvious that this was more of a problem than initially envisaged.

2.) The seal is weak to start with and the cap leaks oil almost from the start.

We sell a lot of these caps and the failure rate is fairly minimal, but with any item which is handmade there is always a slightly greater variability in assembly quality and failures do occur as a result.

It is hard to unequivocally guarantee a part like this, simply because it is not possible to ensure that it is always used within its temperature or voltage ratings, but we will exchange caps if we believe that they are at fault without discussion.

If a faulty cap is cut open it is fairly easy to see whether it has been overheated or not.

Hope this explains.

Peter Qvortrup

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