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Some Accurate Information

Hello -

It appears that we don't do as good a job telling the world about our products as we do in designing them. I'll try to clear up some of the questions that have been raised in this thread.

However, please feel free to call the factory if you have any remaining questions. Typing lengthy answers in what amounts to a nearly one-way conversations is very inefficient. Further disincentive is the fact that in a few day's time, virtually no one will ever read this thread again. Instead, you can talk to someone at the factory for 10 minutes and get all your questions answered. Assuming you live in North America, it will cost you less than $1. Go for it!

1) Regarding the specific differences between the V-5 and the V-5x, the power supply regulators were improved. This gave significant sonic improvements in all areas, but especially so in the bass. For more information, read Wes Phillips' review that covers both models and the differences between them at link noted below.

2) We are just now releasing an upgrade to all of our models called "evolution". All models will now have an "e" suffix at the end to designate this change. The main change is a new power supply technology we call "Dynamic Power" that includes newly developed circuitry to increase instantaneous current delivery, reduce mains-born RF interference, and eliminate residual switching noise from the rectifiers themselves.

There may also be other changes, depending on the specific model. In the case of the V-5xe, we have also improved the ultrasonic compensation scheme (an Ayre-developed neutralization technique that allows us to eliminate the traditional output inductor).

Look for an official announcement and more details regarding the Ayre "evolution" on our website later this month.

3) ThomasW's V-5x had *part* of the "evolution" upgrade installed a few months ago. He happened to bring in his unit to be upgraded to "x" status as we were developing the "evolution" upgrade. We hadn't finalized either the upgrade or the plans for it, but decided to include part of it for him while it was in the shop. We wouldn't divulge any details to him because it was a work-in-progress at that time.

We're not a particularly secretive bunch. For example, the V-3 amplifier used to have the schematic diagram silkscreened on the inside of the lid. We stopped doing it because nobody particularly cared about it, and it was a pain to have to change the lid if we ever made updates to the circuitry (which we did twice during the 8 years it was in production).

4) Ayre has the best upgrade policies of any company in the business, bar none. We have been in business for over 11 years and have introduced 12 products during that time. Ten of those products are still in production. Any of those 12 products can be fully updated to the very latest status if the customer chooses to do so.

The cost to upgrade is very fair, and much lower than other manufacturers' upgrade programs (assuming that they even have one -- usually they would rather try and sell you a complete new unit). Taking the V-5 as an example, it was introduced in early 2001, close to four years ago, at $3950 US retail. Two years later it was changed to the V-5x at a price of $4500 US retail. Any V-5 customer can have his unit upgraded for the price difference between the two. It doesn't get any fairer than that.

With the introduction of the V-5xe, there is no increase in the US retail price. Customers who have purchased a new V-5x within 90 days will receive a *free* upgrade (no demo units or trade-ins qualify for this program). US customers with older V-5x amplifiers can have the unit factory upgraded for well under 10% of the US retail price. Again, it doesn't get any fairer than that.

In conclusion, please enjoy your Ayre equipment. It makes wonderful music and is designed to last a lifetime. If you feel the urge to upgrade your system, we can accommodate you. And should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the factory at +1-303-442-7300.

Best regards,
Charles Hansen

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