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Re: Oh one other thing Andy_C

"Oh I see you put this back up."

With good reason.

"However; I have done experiments with different amps, equalized to the same target curve and got completely different sounds. Can't blame on FR anymore then can you? "

How did you accomplish this? And how did you arrive at your conclusion?

" you have room correction then the FR of the speaker, which is generally not nearly as bad as what the room does to it especially in the bass, and the small (yes small) variations from the amp are not a big issue."

You are well and truly wrong, your comments do not take into the "equal loudness curves", a small variation in the 1-5KHz region will be much more audible than a larger SPL variation in bass or lower midrange, ironically there is a prepoderance of speakers' whose input impedance rise in the selfsame region especially in the 1-5kHz region. Consequently, small amplifier induced SPL variations that invariably occur in this region in respect of high output amplifiers will have a BIG EFFECT on the overall sound of the system.

"digital equalization cannot do is reduce distortion or shift its spectral content, affect an amps dynamic capabilities across the audible frequency range, etc"

Only partially correct, Whilst equalisation may not reduce distortion, which is a much smaller effect anyway. FR variations will dramatically alter perception of the dynamic capabilities of the amplifier/speaker combo.

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