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Mye Stands for Maggie IIIA

The stands came in last Wednesday. The complimentary set of new (longer) copper spikes came in on Thursday. In case you missed the previous post, the stands were slowed in transit by UPS. Even though this was not Grant and Shelly Vander Mye's fault, they sent me an extra set of fancy new copper spikes for me to play with. The boxes were undamaged. In fact, they looked like they were untouched. Assembling the stands was easy. My wife held each speaker while I attached the bases. This was a new experience. She usually has nothing to do with my new toys.

The stands had the same effect as what people describe biamping does for a speaker. It was as if there was a significant increase in wattage from my amplifiers. The sound was far more controlled, deeper in soundstaging, substantially increased bass response, and cleaner over the full frequency spectrum. The difference was so extreme that I hesitated to post this information on audiocircle or audioasylum for fear of sounding too excited.

I have owned B&W 600 monitors from the early 1980s, B&W 602s, Klipsch Reference 3, Maggie 12, Hales Revelation Threes (my main speakers for 5 years), and now Maggie IIIA. I loved the IIIA's for their width of soundstage and beautiful treble, but after listening to the Hales for so long, the IIIAs were a bit slim in terms of soundstage depth, bass extension, and bass articulation. With the Mye Stands, the bass is as good or better than the Hales, and the soundstage depth is also as good or better. The bass really surprised me. The stands have nullified the bass roll off that I had before. The response is powerful, fast bass to the bottom of any recording I have played yet. These recordings consist of Elian Elias "Dreamer" - cd, Jamiriquai "Synchronized" - cd, Grupomania "Alto Honor" - cd, Beatles "Abbey Road" - vinyl, Led Zepplin Three - v, Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" - v, Quincy Jones "Stuff Like That" - cd, and Quincy Jones "The Dude" - cd.

On Friday I purchased a 25lb bag of #5 lead shot from a gun shop. The 25 lb bag filled each of the support trusses. This resulted in even more soundstage depth behind the speakers as well as midrange and treble clarity. The guitar and vocals came out with detail that had not yet been heard on my speakers and the Maggie ribbon tweeters gained a new level of extension as well.

Currently I have the speakers set up with the standard copper spikes in front and the longer copper spikes in back. This give the speakers a slight forward tilt. My amps are Rogue M150 monos. Before using the Mye Stands, I ran the amps in ultralinear mode for 150 watts per speaker. Now with the stands adding so much control, depth, and clarity, I am running the amps in triode mode for 85 watts per speaker. The improvements offered from the stands allows me to drive the speakers with the cleaner triode mode.

Summary: Mye Stands offer more improvements than I can write about without sounding like I am exaggerating. To my musician ears, the improvements are similar to those that people describe when they switch to significantly higher wattage or bi/triamping.

Amps: Rogue M150 monos in triode
Pre: BAT VK-3i
Phono: Modified ProJect 6.1 with Grado Reference Sonata
CDP: Wadia 830
Cables: Speltz Auto Formers
Speakers: Magnepan IIIA with Black Gate caps and Solen bypass caps in bass sections of the external crossovers. Jensen Bypass caps are on the mid/treble section of outboard crossovers. Internal crossovers will have their day soon.

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