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Mye stand impressions on 1.6's

I installed the Mye stands a couple days ago and wanted to share my initial impressions. No surprises here!
Due to my "live" room, I have had to use the resistors in line with the quasi ribbon to make the speakers listenable. After installing the stands, the mids and highs were dull, boring and too rolled off. I removed the resistors and the speakers sounded better than ever. The first thing that hits you is the much cleaner, clearer sound that lets you hear deeper into the soundstage. I can only guess as to why the stands removed the bright edginess that I had experienced before. I'm very happy to NOT have to use the resistors!
The mids on down were the same as the highs, clean, clear, and tight. Very nice indeed. I use a sub so I cannot accuratly comment on the low end extension.
Another thing worth noting is the brass cones (points) that are included with the stands. Other vendors sell similar points for $100+, factor this into the price of the stands and the stands are a bargain!
The speakers have about 200 hours on them, I did before and after listening with the same music at the same levels.
I had to swallow hard when ordering stands for $400. But, to me, the stands take the speakers up a couple notches, they are worth every penny. I wouldn't spend any money on upgrading cables or electronics until the speakers are setting on a firm stand, whether these or others.
The communication from Grant and Shelly is top notch and much appreciated. Thanks for a great product Grant!

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