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Myestand review for Maggie 2.6R

Hello everyone,

Have had my stands installed for just over a week now. What a difference they make ! Their influence is a more than subtle.
"More" is the operative word here because with these stands my 2.6's now have more of everything - top to bottom. The biggest improvement to my ears is the imaging. Things that I thought before were "there" are now unambiguously there - the focus is incredible now. Gains are to be heard not only in bass resolution but somewhat surprisingly in the treble. I didn't think there would be much improvement here but there is certainly more "air" around performers and some edgy grain has been removed - not at the expence of clarity it must be said. I now have doubts upon whether to upgrade to the 3.6's. All in all one of the best upgrades that I have purchased in twenty years of this hi-fi malarky. The stands that Grant makes come highly recommended.

I live in the United Kingdom and the purchasing experience was excellent. To save on shipping costs I got them sent surface which did add 6 weeks or so to the delivery time buy by golly, they are worth the wait. Grant is a great guy to deal with - lots of communication. So, even if you live in Europe - have no fear about purchasing these stands - they come sturdily packed in wooden crates. I'm proud to say I am one of Grants first non-US/Canadian customers. I did notice that the serial number on my satands was 2.6-02. I guess Scott - you've got "numero uno" where ever you are. Hey, we can start a Mysestand 2.6 forum now.....


Thanks Grant for a wonderful product !


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