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Magnepan Magneplanar MG2.6R Speakers

Thanks for the inciteful review, Scott. I've been toying with the idea of upgrading from my MG-12's to something with a true ribbon and the 2.6 was my first choice. (I don't think my room can take full advantage of a 3 series.) I've always been curious why Magnepan made the transition from the 2.6 to the 2.7. Other than reducing the price, it seems like the move from a true ribbon to the QR was a downgrade. The move to a 3-way squeezed out more bass but also made the speaker harder to drive.

Just a few questions. Have you ever compared your 2.6's to 2.7's or 1.6's? ARe you ever concerned about blowing the true ribbons having bypassed your fuses? Aren't true ribbons more sensitive than QR's?

The 1.6 seems to be extremely well integrated but I'm not sure I want another QR after hearing the true ribbon. I'm already getting about 85% of the 1.6 sound (albeit a smaller wave-launch)with my 12's and with my crossover and fuse by-pass mods, I think the sound is even smoother than a stock 1.6.

Thanks again for clearing some things up for me about the 2.6's.

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