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Just installed Grant's stands on my 1.6s - Wow!

Just wanted to add my very strong recommendation for the Mye stands. I installed these on my 1.6s and they are transformed.

Originally sitting on hi-lo carpet with padding above a concrete slab, they would readily sway when pushed. Now, spiked to the concrete, they are completely rigid and everything sounds better: bass slam, articulation, reduced sibilence, room coupling is amazing. I posted a while ago about a stridency problem and that, too, is greatly reduced. Even at low volume, listening to cable music, my non-audiophile girlfriend commented on how much better they sounded.

It has been a while since an upgrade has had me hunting for favorite recordings to hear how they will sound now...

And, unlike some other changes, this all makes logical sense. If the speaker is moving slightly backward due to the reaction to a large mid-bass note, what chance does a treble sound have of efficiently coupling to the air when the diaphram is already moving in the opposite direction!

Anyway, I now consider them to be essential for these speakers. If you have Maggies, this is a $350 necessity.

Gush, gush...

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