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Mye oh Mye!!! (long)

Just got my new stands for my Maggies 1.6's from Grant Mye. Thought I'd post a report on the experience. Grant is very helpful and well organized. Purchase was no problem except for the need to get an international money order. The stands were finished and shipped in a timely manner. When they arrived my wife called and asked if I'd bought a bazooka (the struts). They were very well packed. Have a phillips head screwdriver handy. All parts are very well constructed. Fit and finish was outstanding. It's really annoying when things don't go together as advertised. All these parts fit. Assembly went fairly smooth. Total time for stand assembly was one hour. Fifty minutes for the first and ten for the second. It's a two person job unless you're much more coordinated than I am and have an extra set of arms. This included time to shim the speakers as the stands were a bit too high. Note that Grant mentions this possibility in the instructions. Also included in the hour was time spent disassembling on of the supports after I dropped a bolt down it. This really went smoothly. I didn't even have to disconnect the speaker cable. One suggestion: Note that the bottom of the support goes on the **outside of the stand** with the flange inside.

After finishing the stands it was nearly dinner time, wife was muttering and strongly hinting that my next action better be opening a bottle of wine. We decided to spike the stands later. I assured her I wouldn't dally, but I did turn on the system to make sure things were ok. Whoa!!!! Not what I expected. Not at all. But had to run after 30 seconds or so.

It's confession time now. I got the stands as stands. I've always thought that the supplied stands were pretty pitiful. I wanted something that would be more stable. OK, yes I'd read the endorsements about changes in the sound. But lets face it, theres a lot of hype in audio. People endorse Mpingo blocks. Now I do know that stands can help. But in my experience it was a fairly modest difference. I had hopes that I might get a bit of improvement in imaging, and maybe in bass. And actually that did happen. But what struck me on my first quick listen and subsequent longer sessions was completely different.

The major impression was that pixies had somehow magically swapped out my Proceed 150 watt amp for some 500 watt muscle amp. There was a sense of "strain" that was present before and now had disappeared. Note that I was very happy with the sound of my system prior to the new stands. With the stands the sound was now **effortless.** Grain has disappeared. The midrange is soooooooo sweet and smooth (not smeared smooth). It's as if a distortion has vanished. Or perhaps there's a .5 to 1 db increase? Additionally, microdynamics are now much more apparent. That's always been a peeve for me. No more. For example, in Resphigi's "Ancient Airs and Dances" I could hear, vividly, the flutist strain to maintain a vibrato at the end of long phrase. You could literally hear the flutish run out of breath (and the gasp for air). The sound space with in which the instruments were place is now much more defined and there is no blurring at the edges. This is tough to describe, but it's readily audible. For example, in one section of Airs I previously thought the oboe was very fuzzy. Nope, not fuzzy, it's an oboe with a clarinet very softly playing harmony. The space between the notes is now dead quiet.

The help in the imaging and bass was also present. Interesting the most striking improvement in imagining was in the increased depth in the sound space. The hall goes waaaaayyyy back now. Note also that it's not a two dimensional depth with rows of "flat" instruments. The sense of ambience was enhanced. Bass attacks were now much more pronounced. Also, especially in string bass, there was much more detail and a nice sense of airiness. Not just "thud" but sting, and wood in space.

Note that this was before spiking. After applying the spikes (I almost didn't worrying that it would mess things up) there was a small but noticeable increase in focus and and air.

I did not expect anything of this magnitude. I can't understand why my amp suddenly sounds more powerful. I don't care. What I can say is this. Until you've got your Maggies better supported you haven't begun to hear what they're capable of. I don't know if other stands could give this kind of results. What I can say is that he Mye stands transformed my Maggies.

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