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mye stands on my 3.6Rs: wow!

The stands finally arrived monday, and I have spent a lot of time listening since then. What I had read turned out to be true: the bass and low-midrange becomes much better defined, and you start wondering if a sub is really necessary. There is more bass and it is very articulate. The stands seem to clean up the attack on bass guitar and drums, and this leads to the feeling that by locking the panels into a rigid position you are maximizing the sounds you get out of the system instead of wasting power on rocking the panels. I was all over the place with listening material: Steely Dan's two Against Nature sounded really great, hip hop like the Root's Illadeph Halflife sounded amazing, and the tympany and crechendos in orchestral material like the Reference Rcordings release of the Queen of Sheba were outstanding.

So... for 3.6 owners contemplating a sub, I'd suggest getting the stands first, and then the sub later, if you still think you need it. I'll still use a sub, but if money is an issue, the stands make a bigger difference in overall sound. I have been wearing a path from the listening chair to the sub to turn it off (and back on) to see how much it was really doing...

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