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Mye Stands- 3.6's

The Mye Stands for my 3.6's arrived and I finally installed them and got to do some initial listening.

First of all, The stands arrived in a heavy duty wooden crate extremely well packed and the support struts were shipped in thick walled PVC pipe. Packaging is bomb-proof. Fit and finish are beyond superb. Assembly straight forward. Total time to disassemble stock stands and have these working was 20-25 minutes (and I'm not handy).

Listening impressions. WOW..WOW. I really wasn't expecting much of a difference. So many times I do tweaks and just convince myself things sound better to justify the time/cost of the tweak. This was the best 300 bucks I've spent on the system.


I always thought Maggies were a little weak with the "attack and dynamics" on drums. Not any more. Listening to Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" brought back aural memories of my Dunlavey SC-4's.

Tighter more defined mid- bass

Soundstage is clearly deeper, a little wider and more importantly much better defined eith more space between instruments.

Whether your a DIY'er or looking for top quality fit/finish (like me)
I can highly recommend these stands.

BTW, It took stands about 1 week to arrive in Boston from British Columbia. For customer care/communication Grant is absolutely the best.

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