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Report on MYE stands

I received the Grant Vandermye stands for my Maggie 2.6/R speakers this week and finally am able to offer my feedback as promised.
There is a large improvement in the bass,better slam, much better bass resolution and an uncanny ability of the speaker to disappear in the lower frequencies.With the stock stands,the soundstage was always very good but the bass still sounded like it was coming from the panels.
Also the images are more focused within the soundstage.My experience with the stock stands was a large soundstage but a diffuse imaging
compared to a good dynamic speaker like the Reference De Capo for example.I thought this was a tradeoff in the design of the planar speakers but the Mye stands proved me wrong in this belief.I suspect because the struts connected to the base and to the upper portion of the back of the panel improve the rigidity of the speaker so well this contributes to a focusing of the images in the soundstage by preventing the panels from swaying back and forth.
Finally dynamics are better.Transients are improved and more startling-meaning more like live music where sounds jump out at you which for me is a little unnerving because I live in an apartment building and sometimes am fooled into thinking it is the neighbors knocking on my door rather than something in the music.
As a last remark the finish and asethetics of the stands are beautiful
with the black wrinkle finish and brass points as feet.
I am a HAPPY customer.
To Grant good luck with your product.

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