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MYE 3.6 Stands

I recently purchased a pair of Maggie 3.6R speakers. The stock stands didn't impress me. Although vertical, all the weight of the speakers is held by 4 small screws bolted to short uprights. With some loud orchestral passages, I could see the speakers moving. Not exactly the picture of solidity.
I heard about Grant Mye's Maggie stands, contacted him, and ordered a pair.
They can be ordered in a variety of colors although wrinkle black is standard and is the easiest to match with the speaker colors. They arrived securely packed in a wooden crate, the rear supports shipped separately in a thick PVC tube. (Grant ships from Vancouver, B.C. so he prepares his packages well). They even come with really nice threaded brass points to use the stands on carpeted surfaces.
The stands are very easy to assemble and mount the speakers to. The sloping rear supports make a huge difference in providing rigidity to the speaker by anchoring it to the stand, preventing all movement.
After careful listening, I have noted a definite increase in and tightness of the bass. Even the midrange seems more focused in space.
These stands are a very significant and reasonably priced upgrade for the 3.6's, a must in my book.

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