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Mye Stands and the Maggie 1.6's

Just received the Mye Stands yesterday and set them up last night. First off, they are built very well for an after market product, though I could offer a suggestion for the clamping that holds the support rail in place - speaker side (should be fabricated to support from the rear as it does in the front (clamping), with the adjustment bolt - not a big deal but it would be functionally and comestically better). The shipping packaging did its job in protecting the contents for the long journey from Canada. After installation, I sat down to do some listening and went bass/mid range heavy on the music selected, to force the issue so to speak. I must state that the sound really did improve, but not just the bass and mid registers. The whole picture seemed tighter and truer and more "there". This was the case in recording after recording. IMHO, money well spent and something Maggie owners should contemplate if they don't want a DIY solution!! Nice job Grant and great support as well!


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Topic - Mye Stands and the Maggie 1.6's - blueman 06:55:55 02/26/03 (5)

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