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1.6 owners (and all other maggies) this is a MUST BUY!

yes alot of you already know the wonderous virtues of Grant VanderMye's maggie stands :)

But for those who dont.... or those new here, I'm here to tell you that this is THE best audio related purchase I've made as of yet! (excluding actually buying my maggies) Nothing has given the sonic impact of these stands. Not my Polycrystal kit (UHD rack, footers and cable towers), Not my home made room treatments, not even my CX-7 Cd player (and it made a wonderful and huge difference in itself). And compared to the prices of the above.... these things are the deal of the century! MAX bang for the buck!

Highs are extremely smooth and natural now, mids are fluid and the bass.... oh man the bass!! Its full bodied and extended and dynamic with impact and slam! Drum notes that before just sounded like 'thud thud thud' now have distinquishable tones and stages. All around everything has more body and warmth and detail and dynamics and air and this stunning stable pinpoint imaging that I thought I had... but turns out not at all! Its just so much more fluid and sweet and musical now! Like a major high end amplifier upgrade or something... only better cause SOOO much cheaper!

Honestly I didnt expect THIS much of a difference and thats why I'm so excited lol! I had to share (no... grant did not put me up to this or ask me to post) and I also took several pictures to share as well :)

So you guys and gals out there that dont have stands as of yet... and dont want to fab your own... Deffinately give grant a call or email!!! He's wonderfull to deal with! Excellent customer service if you will. You can find him and his stands at Mye Sound

and now pictures! Enjoy!

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Topic - 1.6 owners (and all other maggies) this is a MUST BUY! - Enchantment1.6s 20:38:18 02/11/03 (14)

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