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PIO w/Caddocks, bypass across cap

Hi Mart,

Tx again for all the info and patience you exhibited in helping me with the options available.

I settled on the Jensen PIO's (used the more economical aluminum PIO's) and the Caddock Power Film resistors. As for the .01uF bypass cap (also a Jensen PIO) I ended up settling on the cap across the .47uF cap. This was much harder to decide as it's effects (benefits) bordered on the neurotic perceptions of this listener. I started out with it across the entire Zobel as it nicely bridged the +/- speaker terminals, switching back and forth after long listening periods (days) but found myself always coming back to the parallel cap configuration. Certainly it was not an obvious choice, as was the Zobel in general where I could determine the audible benefits with certain musical material. Call it voodoo intuition or subconscious predisposition. (If it's that close, is across the Zobel the theoretical preference?)

This is not one of those night and day tweaks - at least in my system. But being as anal as I am, felt the investment in these premium passive parts worth it.


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