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Out of control!!

I fear that we may be getting out of control a bit here. It's one thing to upgrade the cheaper caps that Magenplaner uses to keep their costs of materials in check, or to upgrade the cheap stands they employ for the same reason, but to start mucking with the basic design is, IMHO, a bit of a sacrilege!

A tweak that cost near nothing in materials, such as the one proposed here, would certainly be employed by Magneplanar if it improved the solidity of the bass response. After all, this has been one of the few areas where the folks at Magnepan have received any criticism.

Jim Winey is an artist who happens to be an engineer. This is important to keep in perspective! We all appreciate how brilliant his designs are for releasing the music to ears in an open and airy manner unencumbered by the confines of wooden boxes. His ability to recreate a realistic soundstage is breathtaking and the overall coherence of his designs is unequaled. To venture into structural changes to his designs is, IMHO, not unlike rearranging a few of JS Bach's notes in one of his fugues, or revoicing some of Ludwig Van's chord structures!

We all strive to bring out the absolute best in each component we purchase, and to put together the combinations of components, cables, etc. that work best for our rooms and listening preferences. With all due respects, I have found that 'un-doing' tweaks and returning the original designs of audio engineers usually has far more advantages in sonic improvement than the converse.

To quote Mart - "just my 2 cents!"

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