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MMG's - new owner impressions

Since I have read extensively & already asked a couple of questions, figured I'd add my two cents on my Maggie impressions (like any of this will be news to most mugsters!)

I have had my MMG's (first Magnepans) for 2 1/2 weeks and have run them nearly continuously since I fired them up. In a word: AWESOME! They were great right out of the box (ok, a little bright...but nothing the attenuators didn't help calm down) and are sounding better day by day. Although I will probably move up the line (1.6's or 3.6's) in the future, I can't imagine owning any other type of speaker. Wow. I am running them off of B&K Ref 20 & AV6000 amp (125wpc)...I am augmenting the bass with a cheap Cambridge Soundworks sub (in process of replacing!) crossed over at about 70hz and output set quite low (about 4/10 on the dial)...

Impressions: Extremely involving, fantastic imaging, incredibly detailed & accurate. I have noticed that even at low listening levels (background music with people over), the music is still incredibly detailed.

I am using as part of HT set-up and currently have a Maggie Center on order - but they image so well, I have wondered if I even need the center speaker!

Finally, was at local HiFi shop yesterday and did some extended listening with B&W Nautilus 801's connected to Krell Pre-amp, CD transport & Krell 600c Stereo Amp (system cost $25,000+) and although the stuff sounded fantastic...I am even more happy with my Maggies in comparison. Ridiculous? Maybe, but now I'm biased!


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