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Re: just read somewhere about Granite Audio double balun power cables

I've often discounted ferrite beeds as they dull the sound on components (I use AudioPrism:WaveGuides instead) but on ESL's lower dynamic current requirements the results are stunning. VersaLabs is nothing special except they are the largest beeds I know of. This extra impedence helps restrict dynamic current. Thus, it essentially filters out everything that these speakers don't need or want. I actually haven't tried these on the Granite Audio cords which filter out other artifacts that sould be equally stunning, but I have tried them on AudioQuest, XLO, and AudioMagic power cords. If I could afford a M-L system, I'd think ferrite beeds are an absolute requirement.

Also, I've read great things about Bybee quantum speaker cable filters on ESLs.

So, what is your system? I see that you didn't list it in your registration.

....just my 2¢

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