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Here's how the Vandy 2wq works ...

There's no real "issue" with using the crossover required with the Vandy 2wq. It is just an added complication to take into account and adds a capacitor at the input of your amplifier. Since I currently use an integrated amp without any preamp/amp loop, it would not work in my situation. I also needed a sub with line-level inputs that could do double-duty for multi-channel/home theater (both the REL and ACI subs allow you to do this with separate inputs for two-channel and LFE).

Here's how the 2wq works:

When you purchase the 2wq, you get a small crossover box with RCA inputs and outputs (so you'll need to add an extra set of interconnects). Switches inside the box allow you to adjust it as appropriate for your amp's input impedance to create a 1st order roll off at 80hz. That way your amp and main speakers are relieved from having to reproduce those low frequencies at their full level. The sub plugs into your amp's speaker outputs and is equalized to reproduce the low frequencies below 80hz at their proper levels. You cannot adjust this crossover point, but you can change the sub's level relative to the mains and it's "Q".

Once you've determined the appropriate setting for the crossover box, you contact Vandersteen and order a higher quality fixed crossover that plugs directly into your amps inputs (it has a male RCA on one end and a female on the other so you don't need the extra interconnects). Basically, this crossover is simply a capacitor in line with your amp, with a value selected based on you amp's input impedance to create the necessary 80hz/1st order roll off.

When I used the 2wq it was with balanced (XLR input) amps. So I built my own crossover directly into the interconnects using InfiniCaps. I forget what the exact formula is for determining the appropriate capacitor value, but I could probably dig it up if you needed.

You'll find much more detail at the Vandersteen link below.


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