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Re: SS Vs.Tube Xover

Hi Andy:

I am using the Maggies 2 way active and I use a sub too. Instead of junking the XM-9 and XM-26 and replacing them with an XM-44, I am following the advice of Phil Marchand and feeding the low pass output of the XM-26 into the XM-9 to split between the Maggie bass panel (hi pass out of XM-9) and sub (low pass out of XM-9).

I am tinkering with the notion of doing 3 way active as you suggest but right now there are too many things going on in my life to take on modifying the panels! It seems like I just got them back from Magnepan after refurbing!!

You are right, the XM-9 supports only symmetric slopes whereas the 26, 126 and 44 can support either assymmetric or symmetric.

I use the reissue Mac MC-275IV for the mid and ribbons and a larger Mac solid state amp for the bass panel. Sounds pretty good.

I have the age old problem of "fiddling" with the subs, their placement, crossover frequency, and such. Right now I have gone back to using the subs to augment the Maggies (no high pass) with a 50 Hz crossover, 24 dB/octave L-R, low pass only. There seems to be no end to the number of combinations one can try, it keeps me off the streets......!!

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