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TY. The main drivers and woofers are dipole. The tweeters have...

...closed backs and are NOT dipole.

I'm still tweaking the filterpoints. Originally I wanted to get as much goodness out of the main drivers as possible by running them up to 4- or 5KHz, but after running them full-range for some days, I decided that Glowacki is correct--they do sound hard in the treble occasionally. After adding the Dayton mag.-planar tweeters, I then decided to get as much of them in the treble as possible, so right now, the LP is 2400Hz* (single-order...just one inductor) while the HP is 2750 (also S-O). I'm still researching effects of same-polarity drivers and single-order filters, so I'm sure one or both of them will change.

I had enough 24- and 27g. Teflon-insulated silver conductors to wire the tweeters; I'll be using 18- and 20g. for the main drivers.

The very-high degree of transparency** of ProtoType-1 is back; this system really does allow one to 'see' into the orchestra and hall very well. These 6-1/2" drivers are excellent and, at $10 each, perhaps the hi-end super-value of the century.

It sounds, overall, 1. VERY spacious and BIG, just the way I like my music to sound; 2. a little warm that verges on thickness, some of which I attibute to resonating wings; 3. quite image-specific, and I think that'll get better with some diffraction tweaking with wool strips; 4. very macro- and microdynamic (one fellow last nite said "it does 'delicate' really well"); and 5. QUITE full-range, with excellent bottom-octave power and texture (and it's better at both than PT2 with its four 6-1/2" drivers).

I haven't listened at high levels yet, but I usually don't. I expect it'll hold together quite well.

* I tried measuring this acoustically, but results in my musicroom were inconsistent--too much other noise outside the house, apparently, so I measured both of these electrically. The FPs quoted are the -3dB points compared with the inductor or cap shorted.
** Two very experienced golden-eared audiofools both opined that PT1, within its frequency limitations, was as transparent as any system they'd ever heard. After about 10 seconds of music, they looked at each other with jaws dropped open. Sure made me feel good.

Tin-eared audiofool and obsessed landscape fotografer.

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