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Its quite an amazing little critter

I had the good fortune to have heard Peter Gunn's SMGAs, with modded crossovers and beautifully built stands (the guy's got talent I can only dream of) and I have to agree that the SMG is one "musical" little speaker. Some of the best bass I've heard on a Magnepan, or any speaker for that matter. The midrange and lower midrange warmth created an incredibly engaging and involving musical experience. The top end was more than adequately extended and silky smooth. It may not have been as sharp and detailed as some of the current Magnepan line, but it never sounded veiled or compromising. I couldn't agree more that the SMG gets one's toes tapping and pulls one into the music with plenty of pace and rythm. Although they are pretty small in size as far as Maggies go, they still punch out that deep and open soundstage. For reference, I have owned the MG 12s, the 1.6s, and the 3.6s. I have also heard the MG I and the 20.1s. In fact, before visiting with Mr. Gunn, I had just sold my 3.6s and was having some Maggie remorse. I knew the 3.6s were not going to be back in my future any time soon (for reasons not related to the speaker) and was fretting over whether or not my life without Maggies was permanent. I will not say that I left Mr. Gunn's home with that question answered, but the experience did open the door to the realization that the sound of the system I've been seeking does exist and is possible (he has a very very nice system). As my quest continues to obtain the most musical system I can, the SMGs could easliy be part of that without hesitation.

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