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Basie Left Channel Bad

Hi All,

I finished my Basie, triple checked everything, and have a problem. The right channel works great, but I have no signal in the left channel. Instead I have a hum. The hum is lower in output than the right (good) channel.

All of my voltages check out perfectly. I also checked for a good ground by putting the negative of my voltmeter on star ground, positive on the IEC ground. Checks out perfectly.

I swapped tubes to check for a bad tube. I also swapped my interconnects. It's not my power amp.

Here's the strange thing. I checked for residual noise. Right channel measures 8.4 mV. I expected a far higher reading in the left (bad) channel. Instead, I measured 3.7 mV AC.

I rechecked again for shorts, opens, and bad solder joints. I reflowed a few solder joints that looked suspect. No difference.

I'm stumped, and a bit frustated. Any ideas?


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Topic - Basie Left Channel Bad - Nels Ferré 21:16:19 02/02/06 (2)

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