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Re: WE91's & "Cherry Specials" Ladyday+ MkII Musing.

It is interesting that the ice-cream flavoring idea of the Ladyday's actually goes back to Brian Cherry and the purchase of my LD's last April. As I knew nothing about building single ended tube amps I asked Brian to build me what he considered the best sounding Ladyday's, price no object. The "Cherry Specials" where the result. Brian commented that while there where much more exotic circuits (and expensive) he felt that the MU with AN Silver Coupling Caps and Black Gates offered the finest balance for my needs. He then informed me that I could flavor the sound with extremes of the 6SL7 drivers. He described the K-R tube as chocolate and the Sylvania 6SL7 (military VT-229) as vanilla. I.E. the extremes of the 6SL7 tubes (at least for what he hand on hand, milage may vary).

Agreed, perhaps the driver tube is the main flavoring devise. The fact remains, to the "layman" (non Single Ended Triode devotee's) the difference's are much smaller than one would expect from reading this forum. Closer to say variations of a single flavor of ice cream, should we stick with chocolate? One is richer with more cream the other is less sweet and finishes clean. I would venture to say the biggest difference with SET's are the complex interactions with the limited number of SET friendly speakers on the market. Now we are talking apples and oranges!

I stand by my comments using the Bastanis speakers with Ladydays. But allow me to climb back in off that limb. Milage will most definitely vary with other speakers and aquired tastes.
Bill Allen

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