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Joplin voltages (again)

I have just my "upgraded" my Joplin from 12AT7 to 6922.
After I changed the resistors and took away the caps I measured a bit. Here are the results:
On the anode of the 6922 I now have 120V and not 90V as the schematic says.
On the other side of R9(10K) I have 135V, but the schematic says 226V.
At the same time I measured the voltages on the 5687's.
On the anode(pin1) I have 123V and 140V(pin9) and not 170V as the schematics says.
On the other side of R8 I have 290V just as the schematic says.
Should I try to adjust some resistors to get the values more like the schematic (and in that case which ones) or should don't care?

And at last just one suggestion.
If the schematic was marked with the resistor names for both channels it would make it easier for us (f.ks. like this: R9/R14 )

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Topic - Joplin voltages (again) - Torfinn 13:47:55 01/12/05 (5)

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