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[the circuitry for these things are certainly not simple; hence the interest in a kit]


Is obtaining a TDA 1541A variant something to be concerned about?


Is the "problem" cited at the end of the article significant:

"... shows that the clock at 44,1Khz has subcarriers ( harmonics )
that modulate the signal :actually put in words : the whole audio band is duplicated around the carrier 44KHz above and beneath and this continues with every harmonic = 88.2Khz ect so the problem is the entire audioband 0-20Khz is reproduced thus from 44 + 20 = 64Khz and 44-20 = 24 Khz this particulary hurts audio reproduction as they intermodulate so we get if we have a 20Khz sinewave in the dac we get a duplication at 24Khz but worse we have the same energy as an intermodulation at 4Khz !!..."

For those with interest, DIY use of generic boards for this type of circuitry is discussed here:

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