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A special e-bar opening in honor of Bob.

A little background first. For whatever reason, Bob liked the Friday e-bar celebrations. I usually did not make the usual Happy Damn Friday post until late morning Pacific time, which was never early enough for him. It was not uncommon for Bob to call me on the cell phone while I was driving to work, telling me I had better get my ass in gear. Six times out of ten the conversation would drift and Bob would make "subtle references" to the fact that he wished he had bumped into my wife before I did. Bob, if you're reading this, it's alright. I'd feel the same way if the situation was reversed.

A toast to Bob: Every time we met somewhere, every time we spoke on the telephone and every time we conversed by email, we shared lots of laughter. Every time. I have spent hours trying to think of another person I have known during my 50 years of life that I could make the same statement about. I'm afraid you're the only one. Thank you for that.

I am confident that your new place is full of great food, especially Italian and Texas BBQ, and that there are plenty of skinny hippie chicks running around that are not only intelligent, but can actually cook.

Go ahead and get started on that commune for aging audiophiles that we have been planning for the past three years. The rest of us will get there when the time is right.

P.S. I take back that "not as pretty as what Ray Kimber makes" comment.


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Topic - A special e-bar opening in honor of Bob. - bwkendall 09:56:49 11/28/05 (47)

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