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Something funny on Aussie pay TV salvage hunters find a "Westrex Company 30150 Receiver "

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These guys walk into this old theater and I think here we go. And anyway they look across there is this vitavox looking horn. And he says. "I can sell that" anyway they negotiate buying it for 100 pounds. He is saying or the TV is printing he can get 220 pounds for this. The compression driver has Westrex Company 30150 Receiver on it. I am thinking he is in for either a pleasant surprise or the biggest shafting of his life. It still amazes me how ignorant people are of the value of old things. You think after 80 years of it sitting there the theater manager would of realized it might be worth more then 100 pounds. Maybe is isn't but I am thinking it is. He is just showing it to the manager and saying"you have sell this piece of shit" lol I need to get out of bed more often and start checking out old theaters. I never find anything good like that.

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