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Re: How did you figure that out?

How did you figure that out?

Well, I know what the current draw is because I measured it. I was also able to accurately simulate the circuit in duncan amps PSU2. This let me substitute in a choke and observe what what would happen if everything else in the circuit stayed the same.

how does the resistance of a choke come into play

The static resistance of the choke acts like a normal drop down resistor when it passes DC current. It will reduce the output voltage if you use a choke with higher DC resistance.

does it have anything to do with the 510 ohm resistance value you had spec'd in the supply?

I wanted to get the DC resistance value as close as possible to that value. The reason is so that the DC voltage at the output will not change a whole lot and the operating points of the tubes stay close to where they were before.

Are there any rules for why you have replaced the resistor that is earlier in the chain

No rules. Just a preference. You would have to buy 2 chokes if you were to replace the 1.8K resistor. You only need to buy one choke if you were to replace the 510 ohm resistor and you would still get the same reduction in ripple. Just being cost effective and effecient with real estate in the box.

Tom §.

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