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Re: plate load-"brilliant" question

not too many variables... i just wanted to be clear...

since the plates are tued together, i would think you would be getting the equivalent of 30ma of current per 1/2 since they
are in parallel, you could try just using 1 plate and your bias should go up because you will be drawing double the current...
its worth a try.

i never thought about the 60hz hum when using an DHR... so thanks for that pointer... maybe thats the problem with the 83

how about tryong a hum-balance on the rectifer??? i think its probably step in the wrong direction, but it would be
interesting to try i would use gordons trick of a 100 ohm pot bypassed with 10 ohm resistors and maybe bypass them with

you could also try bypassing just the filament with caps... again wrong direction i suspect but something may be found

i don't much care for the filament supply for the rectifier... so maybe the search must start for that elusive inefficient
IDR.... damn.... i opened up the book and out jumped the 6853... looks like an IDR same specs as the 5y3 but it shows a cathode (filament is connected to the cathode) ...probably as easy to
find as the 8212 and the 8213...


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