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Re: plate load-"brilliant" question

Sorry, too many variables without drawing up a schematic.

Yes-1 5Y3 but with the plates tied together. Plates to the CT of the common 5v AC filament tranny for both 2A3s. I tried AC to heat the 5y3 but it was a 60Hz hum machine! I thought...try a DC supply to heat the 5Y3, you have a big ol' Lambda taking up space that puts out tons of current. Voila! No cap bypassing the 5Y3 at that point. Lacking bass but otherwise a great improvement over a cathode resistor. I even switched back to hear if I was just thinking the rectified cathode was really better....yep, it was...errr...is, at least to my ears.

I have been playing with different caps bypassing the 5Y3 to bring up the low end. Maybe this "shouldn't" be done, but I'm just in a mood to try anything that sounds feasable. There really isn't anything expensive in this amp if it goes up in flames...except the OPTs. But they are really in little danger here...the main rectifier(an old EZ80) will fail before I get anywhere close to the current rating of the OPTs. This has been an interesting experiment...and it's sounding better!

Any thoughts or advice? I'm all ears tonight.

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